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#The100DayProject – Launching 100 days of writing

My colleague Muireann O’Keefe on an idea to keep those creative juices flowing!

Opening Digital Doors

Spurred on the ever-closer deadline of my doctorate I have been leading shut-up and write sessions at DCU for postgraduate students and within my department (NIDL). Shut-up and write has been great, I love the organized and social aspect of writing, we can share experiences on writing while also using the discipline of 25 minute writing sessions for strictly-no-talking-writing time. Shut-up and write has been really productive and very enjoyable.

So my next mission comes from the idea from 100 days project since my creative efforts are all towards writing at the moment I am launching 100 days of writing from this day onwards!

From today I am going to be posting some blogs, the odd video clip about my work as an academic developer, about my thesis topic, conferences I attend, stuff that interests me. My the aim of writing every day for 100 Days is just…

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